"Never before has society been so in need of empowering, diverse and inclusive voices. Never before have women been more ready to lead."

An advocate of human health, purpose-driven innovation & inclusive culture, Luciana combines 10+ years’ startup/agency experience to power a cultural shift toward a more human-centered tech and ideas world.

Change your mindset, change your world.

I've 8 years' experience public speaking, leading workshops, curating events, and mentoring on topics such as Mental Health, Diversity & Inclusion, Venture Strategy and Future/Immersive Tech.

My focus is on democratising the latest trends, making future/frontier tech more accessible, helping early stage startups and helping individuals & companies become more authentically inclusive.


The future is inclusive of all.

A key part of my mission is to help tackle systemic inequalities and help anyone, anywhere be their best and most authentic self.

As a passionate community builder & ambassador, I strive to empower underrepresented voices in and outside the workplace, especially women in tech, LGBTQ+ and Latinx.


Can tech help make us more human?

Through global advisory, think tank positions and strategy, I'm obsessed with driving macro-level adoption of tech that augments our humanity rather than muffles or undermines it. I love venture building.

Tech is a tool - what matters is how it's used, who created it & for what. Let's bring the human back to the heart of technology.

SE³: See Different

"We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are".

The greatest superpower we have is acknowledging & accepting that, whatever happens in our lives, we alone have the power to choose how to let it affect us and how to react. We have the power to change our whole reality.

As seen in

life mission

There is no physical <> mental health. It's just health.

It's about time we acknowledged that we all have mental health and learnt how to nurture and protect our minds, just as we do our bodies.

It's about time we de-stigmatised and demystified mental health. It doesn't equate mental illness. Mental illness doesn't equate weakness, wrongdoing, disapproval or judgement.

Rather, the greatest achievement of my life has been battling and surviving a debilitating depression & eating disorder.


"Luciana is rare gem. Capable of making the impossible, possible, she is a powerhouse of ideas, thrive and dynamism."

DR MARK ESPOSITO phd. author, professor @ harvard/cambridge/hult

"I have been collaborating with Luciana on a number of ventures over the last year and have to say that she is one of the most creative, passionate and detail orientated tech experts that I have had the pleasure in knowing."

STEVE DAWKINS, Chief Revenue Officer @ Coadjute

Not only is she one of our 2016 'One's to Watch', forming part of a formidable list of 25 women aged 25 and under doing amazing work in tech and entrepreneurship but she is also a great role model.

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I'm open to consulting opportunities in advisory, startup/innovation strategy & mental health.